New NHS Framework Accreditation: What Suppliers Need to Know

The NHS has announced a new framework accreditation process starting April 2024 that will significantly impact suppliers bidding for NHS contracts. Here’s what your sales and bid management teams need to understand:

  • All NHS framework agreements and framework hosts will require accreditation to continue doing business with the NHS after April 2024. This means suppliers will need to work through an accredited framework and have their framework accredited to bid on and win NHS deals.
  • The accreditation aims to consolidate and simplify frameworks, helping SMEs and innovators access the NHS more easily. For suppliers, it also means lower bidding costs and the potential for economies of scale.
  • Existing NHS frameworks can continue to their end date, but any new contracts from April 2024 must use accredited frameworks if available. There will be a transition period in 2024/25 for buyers still using non-accredited frameworks.
  • To get accredited, framework hosts will self-assess against NHS standards starting soon. Framework categories will get certified by NHS experts category-by-category over the coming year.
  • Once accredited, hosts and frameworks will be listed on the NHS website. Suppliers should monitor this site to see accreditation status.
  • If your framework host still needs to start the accreditation process, reach out to understand their plans and timelines.

For new NHS bids, you need to identify accredited framework hosts you can bid through early in the process. Getting supplier onboarding done sooner will help avoid delays closer to contract start dates.

This NHS accreditation process aims to streamline procurement. However, over the next year, suppliers will need to closely track accreditation timelines and adjust bid processes and pipelines accordingly. Early engagement with accredited hosts is key to ensuring minimal disruption to NHS sales.

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