Getting the Most from Mobile CRM

The research by Rodriguez and Boyer emphasises first having well-defined sales processes before implementing mobile Customer Relationship Management (mCRM). Companies with established processes see the most remarkable improvements in collaboration and performance from mCRM use. The technology should support existing ways of selling rather than redefine processes. When starting an mCRM initiative, clearly outline the current sales processes and how mobile capabilities will align with and enhance those processes. This internal alignment ensures sales teams understand and can maximise the benefits of mCRM.

Demonstrate Cross-Departmental Benefits

Mobile CRM is software you can use on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices without losing any functionality and user-friendliness of the program’s desktop version. Though mCRM directly enables salespeople to capture customer data, the benefits extend organisation-wide. For example, real-time updates from sales in the field improve data accuracy for other groups like marketing and customer service. When pitching mCRM, demonstrate how timely information sharing improves coordination across the business and provides a complete view of customer interactions. Sell the benefits both for salespeople and colleagues they collaborate with regularly.

Integrate mCRM into Client Processes

For bidding situations, be sure to map out how new mCRM tools will integrate into a potential client’s existing processes and systems. The technology should improve cross-functional collaboration between sales, service, marketing, etc., for the client. Emphasise how real-time customer data and sales insight in mCRM will translate to better meeting the client’s needs and driving mutual value. Use specific examples of internal gains in productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue growth from mCRM usage.

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