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With intelligent search tools, we help you find the right opportunities for your team. We make it easy to search across the globe to find what you need.

  • UK & Ireland

  • Federal
  • Sub-national
  • Low value
  • Europe

  • Federal
  • Sub-national
  • Low value
  • North America

  • Federal
  • Sub-national
  • Low value
  • Asia

  • Federal
  • Sub-national
  • Low value
  • Latin America

  • Federal
  • Sub-national
  • Low value
A map of the world showing the density of tender opportunities from different countries in the Open Opportunities database.
Data without limits

Every user
can search every opportunity.

From Birmingham to Bogota, complete access comes as standard.

New sources added at no extra cost.

You get full control of what you see.

A dark green bar chart with circular flags placed at the top of each bar, the bars show the number of tender from different European countries in the Open Opportunities database.
What we gather

Smart harvestgathers every record

We know you need to depend on us, that means gathering every record, every day.

  • Tenders

  • 29 fields including
  • Source and URL
  • Buyer country
  • Title & Description
  • Dates: start, end, release
  • Currency & value
  • Language
  • Categories
  • Contracts

  • 26 fields including
  • Source and URL
  • Supplier name & address
  • Buyer country
  • Title & Description
  • Dates: start, end, release
  • Currency & value
  • Language
  • Categories
Global growth

Can you afford
to ignore new markets?

Our rivals give you a view of one market.

We give you a window on a global market worth $13tn.

Growth from opportunity

Find opportunities
where you least expect

There are hundreds of outward facing government organisations that need services and products from around the world.

If you don't look for them, you can't win them.

  • Software and SaaS
  • Data and analytics
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Marketing and Comms
  • Consulting and strategy
  • Built environment
Plot chart showing light green and dark green dots against and x and y axis with trend lines, illustrating custom analysis undertaken by the Open Opportunities team.
Global scale, local control

Every feature you need,
to win new business.

From intelligent search, regular alerts and an easy to use interface, Open Opportunities gives you the tools to win new business.

  • More data than our rivals
  • Intelligent, next generation search
  • Saved searches, search history and alerts
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Open Opportunities

UK Coverage

Sources and data

198 UK sources for tenders and contracts.

198 UK sources for tenders and contracts.

International coverage

Sources and data

Limited European data.

720 sources including buyers, such as the World Bank and World Health Organisation, plus federal and many sub-national records for North America, Middle-East, Latin America, Asia, Australia and more.

Market size

The market value of different offers.


$6tn (20 times larger)


User limitations

A small number of predetermined users

Per seat licenses (and price match commitments)


Ability to search by category

Buyer defined categories

Buyer defined, plus AI enhanced categories.


Search capabilities

Standard keyword search

Intelligent, next generation search.

Saved searches

Saving searches

4 saved searches

10 saved searches, extensive search history, generous numbers of alerts.

Free trial

The type of free trial on offer

Limited to two or three days

Generous seven day trial.


Principles of pricing

Annual fees only

Monthly and annual packages, plus a price match commitment for customers transferring from a rival service.