Use AI safely

AI for bid writers
a practical guide

Thirty pages of detailed guidance and advice on how to use AI as a bid writer including understanding how to establish context and guidance on how secure more reliable outputs.

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What will you get?

A guide on how to use AI safely and for less.

30 pages of advice and guidance

The team at Open Opportunities have been using LLMs for 6 years. Our team of analysts have used their expertise to help bid writers improve their skills and use AI more productively.

How to integrate into your work

Confidently know what AI will struggle with, use techniques and approaches that increase effectiveness and improve efficiency. Embed this into a process for all your bid writing.

Use affordable tools

Instead of investing thousands in tools that prompt AI to write bids, we give you the skills to prompt AI to write bids. For $20 a month you can safely use AI to improve your bidding. 

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Bid automation that
you can use today.

Knowing that AI is important and knowing how to use it are two different things.

Use it safely

Using AI tools that won’t consume your data so that you can safely submit bid documents and case studies without risk of the data emerging from the model at a later date.

Tools for power users

Retuning good outputs from AI means being aware of it’s shortcomings and knowing how to prompt LLMs successfully. Our guide helps bid writers become power users, returning reliable results from AI. 

Enhance the whole bid cycle

From search to submission, we show you where to use AI across the bidding cycle, including how to review bids, set out strategies and how to build the relevant ‘information space’ for your bid.

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Widely used data

Thousands of companies use our data every day.

Our API already powers some great business opportunity sites.
You've probably already used our data without knowing it.

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Open Opportunities vs Contracts Advance

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Full access to all of Open Opportunities' features and data.

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A single source of truth

If you care about international markets, there is no comparison.

A single search can reveal all of the opportunities your bid team need, as well as all of your competitor's contracts.

Our data harvesting operation runs every day, we fastidiously gather every opportunity from hundreds of sources.

As new opportunities arrive, you can set up daily alerts that highlight the most pertinent records for you and your team.

Our unique search technology combined with help from our expert team will make sure you get only the opportunities you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers you're looking for

If you're new or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.

Yes! We've been the prime data provider to Contracts Advance for over seven years. We also provide data to other products, so there's a good chance that you're already using our data without realising it.

Our coverage extends across all available federal sources worldwide and large numbers of local sources.

From the expansive data of the US Federal Government to opportunities emerging in the Falkland Islands, our data is remarkably diverse. Feel free to get in touch with us to inquire about specific sources. If there's a source we're not currently covering, we are more than willing to collaborate with you to incorporate it.

Yes. All of the data that is in Contracts Advance is in Open Opportunities, plus a whole lot more data from around the world that isn't in Contracts Advance, including local and international data.

Great. You can set up your search to include only the UK. All of your subsequent searches will be limited to just the UK.

Whenever you want to look further afield you can change an individual search or reset your default countries. 

With Open Opportunities you're in control. We're here to help you grow, you can decide what you need to see.

Open Opportunities have a rich history of opening up government data worldwide. We are dedicated to continually expanding our data and introducing new features.

We typically add at least three new sources every month and are committed to adding more every month.

Customers are eligible for a 7 day free trial. We won't ask you for your credit card details and you'll get access to all of our data, allowing you to explore our data and test our search capabilities. 

Monthly plans are paid a month in advance using our card payment system. Monthly plans can be cancelled after three months with a month's notice.

Annual plans can be paid in advance by either card or by invoice.

If you're with Contracts Advance we'll promise to match their pricing, so if you need 4 users on the system we'll give you 4 users (and access to all the data we have) for the same price you would pay to Contracts Advance.

This gives you thousands more opportunities and enhanced search capabilities without any additional cost.

Our skilled researchers are on hand to help. We provide help to on-board you, plus an in-app chat service. We're always on hand to help you set up your searches correctly

When you sign up our founder gives you his personal mobile number, so you can call him if you ever need a problem fixed. Our team are dedicated to helping you win new business.

Open Opportunities vs Contracts Advance

Try it for yourself

Full access to all of Open Opportunities' features and data.

No credit card required