How to search by language

Looking for opportunities in a specific language is easy with Open Opportunities.

On the left of your screen (or at the top if you are using a mobile) is what we call the filters list, a list of fields that you can use to help you find what you need. Individual search filters sit in ‘trays’ and can be open or closed using the ^ icons on the right hand side of the tray. By default the Open / Closed and Keyword filters are open so that you can use them immediately.

Scroll down until you see the Language field and expand the tray using the small down arrow at the right of the tray.

Expanding the Language tray will show you a search field for languages, where you can select the languages you wish to see in your results. When you expand the Language tray, you will see a list of languages and a search field. You can use this search field to quickly find the language you are looking for.

Search tray
Language tray expanded

To limit your results to a specific language, hit the check box for your language and then update the results. To limit your results to multiple languages you can select multiple check boxes. As you update the search results you will see the filters listed in the language search tray.

Search filtered by French and English

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