How to create a saved search

Saved searches are searches that you can repeat again and again, creating one is easy in Open Opportunities.

How to create a saved search

Once you get a search right you want to be able to repeat it again and again. With Open Opportunities it is simple to save a search, once you’ve put in your search criteria, scroll down the page until you see the Save search button.

Save search button

Clicking the button will show a popup that allows you to review the features of the search and then name the search.

Saved search pop up

In the saved search options you can see the ability to set up an alert (an email that informs you about new opportunities) and the number of saved searches that you have already created.

In some cases, particularly when you want to be absolutely certain that you haven’t missed an opportunity, it makes sense to have alerts sent to you even when there are no new opportunities. If you want that to happen, you can just tick the box for “Send alerts even when there are no new opportunities”.

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