Deloitte Secures £100M Contract for Post-Brexit Border Platform

In August 2023, HMRC awarded consulting giant Deloitte a contract worth up to £100 million to support post-Brexit trade operations. Under this deal, Deloitte will design, build, operate, and maintain a new digital platform enabling UK businesses to submit trade data required by government agencies.

With its experience supporting Brexit implementation and deep trade and customs policy expertise, Deloitte was well positioned to secure this critical project, delivering a key component of the UK’s post-Brexit border strategy.

Integrating strategic procurement data insights into public sector sales approaches can provide tremendous advantages for consultancies aspiring to similar success.

Identifying Emerging Initiatives and Priorities

By analysing procurement data, consultancies can track policy priorities over time and spot new initiatives gaining momentum. For example, Deloitte likely monitored procurement patterns to anticipate post-Brexit trade and customs needs well before the public tender. Getting in early allows shaping value propositions to align with emerging requirements.

Understanding Evaluation Criteria

Procurement data contains detailed scoring criteria applied during bid evaluations. Studying these reveals the specific capabilities, experience metrics, and cost structures the government weighs most heavily. Consultancies can tailor proposals to address core evaluation components and emphasise strength on pivotal decision factors.

Informing Partnership Strategies

Procurement data shows vendors and their respective work share splits on significant projects. Consultancies can explore partnership opportunities to complement active vendors or leverage relationships to gain advantage. Data provides the intelligence to build consortiums aligned with proven winning formulas.

By integrating procurement data insights, consultancies gain intelligence to deliver right-fit solutions, demonstrate differentiated value, and navigate bid processes successfully. Procurement analytics is indispensable for identifying, winning, and providing on strategic public sector projects. With a data-powering strategy, consultancies access immense opportunities for growth in serving the government.

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