How to Motivate Your Sales Team for Peak Performance

What drives your sales team to go above and beyond their quotas each month? As a sales manager, you know motivation is critical, but pinpointing the magic formula can be tricky.

Teresa Santos Ferreira’s research sheds light on maximising sales team motivation. A study of pharmaceutical sales reps in Portugal identified the intrinsic and extrinsic factors with the most significant impact on motivation and performance.

Let’s explore the essential findings and what they mean for motivating your team.

Intrinsic Motivators: Set Goals and Develop Skills

Helping salespeople achieve personal goals was the #1 inherent motivator. They’re driven to succeed when you support their professional growth and skill-building.

Make time for one-on-one goal-setting sessions. Coach them on developing strengths. Send top performers to training programs. Motivation will skyrocket.

Extrinsic Motivators: Lead with Transparency and Trust

On the extrinsic side, transparent and loyal leadership had the greatest effect. No one wants to be “managed.” They like to be led.

Ditch micromanaging for frequent check-ins and honest feedback. Share company info openly. Back them up publicly. When reps trust you completely, they’ll walk through fire.

Maximise Team Performance with Motivation

The study confirmed that motivation significantly impacts sales results and behaviours. Attitude and commitment were standouts, fuelling motivation the most. Rally the team around growth goals and acknowledge the extra effort. Salespeople with passion and loyalty achieve more.

But beware of only rewarding outcomes like revenue. Maintain behaviours like a positive attitude through constant motivators.

Bringing it All Together

Motivation is a complex puzzle with many pieces. The exact fit will differ for each person. Combine intrinsic rewards and extrinsic culture to inspire peak performance.

Help your reps set goals, then give them transparency, trust and the tools to get there. An unstoppable sales team awaits!

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